Bonson Berner Going For Adds

Posted on Mar 24, 2014
Bonson Berner Going For Adds

Bonson Berner evolved from the remnants of a project Lisandro Aloi – Pato led in his native Argentina. While living there, he worked as an architect in his own established firm and taught at the University of Palermo. Enlisting the talents of various local artists, his band Siga la Flecha played international festivals, earned television features, and appeared in the soundtracks of two feature films: Death Club – by James Merendino who directed SLC Punk, and Paranoids – out on Oscilloscope. Aloi grew up in a city with a history of harboring diverse immigrants. He had always been interested in different cultures – his many travels as a photographer and recordings from all around the world shaped and attracted different voices in an analogous way. It was this same constant need of expression, akin to the sound of endless voices in one’s head – which triggered Aloi‘s decision to quit architecture and to first bring Bonson Berner into being. By recycling ideas, melodies and collaborators, and mixing them with ever-emerging new ones – Passport was born. The themes of universality, energy, & global love exploded with a stream of new wave, electronic, and early ‘90s alternative.

RIYL: Interpol, Manu Chao, Kasabian, Depeche Mode, The Cure

Recommended Tracks: Track #3 “Painted Stone”, track #1 “Running Days”, track #9 “Movement 4”, track #8 “Immigrant”

Going for Adds 3/24 & 3/25

Digital Servicing Only


Label: Forty Below

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