The Black Keys Going For Number One

Posted on May 28, 2014
The Black Keys Going For Number One

The Black Keys are consistently getting amazing feedback and responses to their latest release, Turn Blue. The record landed at #2 on the CMJ Radio 200 chart yesterday! Check out what people have been saying about the album!

Turn Blue is the most masterful representation to date of the duo’s successful transformation from lost-in-the-milieu garage rockers to game-changing, widely appealing songwriters. – American Songwriter

El Camino was the sound of The Black Keys flexing their muscles as they reached for that sword, but Turn Blue is the sound of The Black Keys baring their soul and testing the parameters. – Pretty Much Amazing

..the best, most consistently gripping album the Keys have ever made. – Rolling Stone

There’s an ever-expanding diversity of appeal to Turn Blue that should win new fans and please the faithful. – The Independent (UK)

If El Camino was the Keys’ catchiest album. Turn Blue turns out to be their sneakiest, subtlest and most seductive.

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