New Music From The Donkeys

Posted on Jun 4, 2014
New Music From The Donkeys

The Donkeys, a foursome from San Diego, naturally weave the essence of Southern California into their sound, embodying the warm salt breeze of the coast, and the easy rolling of the waves. The Donkeys’ latest effort, Ride the Black Wave, shimmers with a relaxed pensiveness, and gleams with delicate and dusty instrumentals. The album showcases the band’s heightened mastery of craft, and their seemingly transcendent approach to making music that is both a product and a part of their specific environment. A mellow ease permeates all of Ride The Black Wave, and The Donkeys navigate the curvature and intricacies of the sonic landscape with their earnest, warm grooves.

Ride the Black Wave is saturated with sun and beauty; the album feels and sounds like home. It is the sound of The Donkeys perfecting their swaying signature – comforting and lulling, yet intricate and engaging. Listen to the album here.

RIYL: Dr. Dog, Woods, My Morning Jacket, Pure X, Real Estate, Beachwood Sparks

Recommended Tracks: Track #5 “Scissor Me Cigs”, track #3 “Nothing”, track #4 “I Heart Alabama”,  track #7 “Ride The Black Wave”, Track #11 “Shines”


Label: Easy Sound Recording Company

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