Mia Dyson – Idyllwild Track By Track Commentary

Posted on Jun 5, 2014
Mia Dyson – Idyllwild Track By Track Commentary

Mia Dyson‘s album Idyllwild will finally hit stores this week! The Australian singer/songwriter released commentary on each track, giving us just a little glimpse of the energy and story behind each song.

Dyson revealed some of the influence and backstory for the title track of the album- “I got hitched not that long ago at the Los Angeles county courthouse and afterwards, we found ourselves driving up into the mountains to this little town called Idyllwild, sort of laying our decision out there and celebrating in the natural world. It was a surreal, utopian journey and out of it came this frenetic, high-spirited song, stylistically influenced by bands from my 80s childhood like Elvis Costello & Talking Heads.”

Check out what Mia Dyson had to say about the rest of the tracks on Idyllwild here. Dyson is looking for your support this week at CMJ, spread the word at your stations today.

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