My Goodness Goes For Adds

Posted on Jun 5, 2017
My Goodness Goes For Adds

Scavengers, the second LP from Seattle’s My Goodness, continues the sonic evolution the band first teased on last year’s Islands EP. Formed by Seattleites Joel Schneider and Andy Lum after a chance encounter at SXSW, My Goodness has made considerable strides since recording the rocking, bluesy 2014 LP Shiver & Shake live in the studio with Rick Parashar (Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains, Blind Melon). Then, Lum says, “our live show was almost identical to the album experience, whereas now we’re adding a ton of energy and expanding the sound of the new songs when we play them on stage.” This increased creative capacity is due, in part, to the addition of Duke Evers members Kyle Veazey and Josh Starkel to the core duo of Schneider and Lum.

The roots of My Goodness’ sound remain the same, but they’ve now incorporated a variety of different and new elements. Album opener “Islands,” reprised from last year’s EP, is built on a bedrock of pounding drums, minimal keyboards, and a subtly developing vocal melody. There’s a soulful shimmer to the insistent chug of “Silver Lining” and an upbeat, breezy, synth-pop sheen to “Swim.” The dreamy “White Witches” glowers with a sultry electronic edge and “Ghost Town” is a multi-faceted song whose catchy splendor is wrapped up in layers of electronics, but which remains thoroughly human. Elsewhere, “Lazy Love” is a tender, wistful lament, while album closer “Cut Teeth” is a full-throttle, guitar-based rock song that harks back to Shiver & Shake. “We definitely made the conscious decision to not hold back with this record,” says Schneider. “We were careful not to limit ourselves at all… We wanted these songs to be us.”

“My Goodness seems to specialize in the liberation of indie rock… Impenitent and self-assured, the melodies created by My Goodness leave an indelible impression.” -New Noise Magazine

RIYL: Rogue Wave, The Helio Sequence, Deep Sea Diver, Pinback, The Arctic Monkeys, Matt Pond PA

Recommended Tracks: Track 1, “Islands,” Track 2, “Silver Lining,” Track 5, “Swim,” Track 7, “Scavengers,” Track 11, “Cut Teeth”

FCC WARNING: Track 8, “Ghost Town,” Track 10, “Alright”

Digital Servicing Only

Label: Votiv/Freakout Records

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