Tiny Mix Tapes Shares Cloud Control’s “Zone”

Posted on Sep 6, 2017
Tiny Mix Tapes Shares Cloud Control’s “Zone”

Tiny Mix Tapes has “Zone (This is How It Feels),” the first song and near-title track of Cloud Control‘s band’s new LP Zone. In the accompanying piece, the website takes readers into the band’s backyard.

Cloud Control comes from a place about an hour and a half outside of Sydney [Australia] called the Blue Mountains… the slightly odd but totally groovy aunt to Sydney, a place spread out across some of the most pristine and difficult to traverse mountains in Australia, a series of tiny former mining town villages now filled with pot smoking, un-ironic flannel wearing beautiful freaks.”

How does this play into the Cloud Control sound? According to Tiny Mix Tapes, “while all the haircut bands and leg-shaving electronic ‘artistes’ might be spiritually at home in the neon of Sydney, Cloud Control’s disregard for pop conventions and deeply rooted psychedelic leanings can only come from the Blue Mountains.” Check out the song here.

Zone was released this past Friday on Votiv and is at radio now. Help it off to a great start!

Listen to “Zone” from Cloud Control below:

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