Drowned In Sound Interviews The Dream Syndicate

Posted on Oct 11, 2017
Drowned In Sound Interviews The Dream Syndicate

“Despite being formed exactly a year before I was born,” Drowned in Sound‘s Jaspar Willems writes, “The Dream Syndicate in their current reformed incarnation are definitely not a band out of time.” Willems has a nice long interview with bandleader Steve Wynn, and writes that “their new opus How Did I Find Myself Here? finds Wynn and company hitting their stride at exactly the right moment. It goes to show that sometimes bands only start to make sense a decade down the line. …In some very special cases, it takes a whopping three decades before people understand how good they were. If the new record tells us one thing, it’s that The Dream Syndicate belong in that final exclusive company.” Check out the interview here.

Radio stations around North America have been discovering The Dream Syndicate, who hit a new NACC peak at #21 last week and is still sitting pretty at #25. If you’re not spinning How Did I Find Myself Here?, start now!

Check out the album stream on Apple Music or Spotify below.

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