“Indigo” is the latest single released under Gueorgui Linev’s distinctive moniker, Kan Wakan. Masterfully dimensional, “Indigo” represents the acclaimed LA-based producer / composer & performer’s most diverse, vital work yet. As such, Linev sees “Indigo” representing a kind of redemptive rebirth and a doorway into his forthcoming sophomore album, Phantasmagoria LP1.

The track’s compellingly elusive, uncategorizable sonics are counterbalanced by guest vocalist Elle Olsun’s mysteriously moody croon, who seamlessly guides you through whatever headspace you’re in at the moment. This decision to treat his guest vocalists as curators is unusual, particularly in our age of phoned-in electronic guest spots, and sterile EDM production. As Linev learned long ago that when you send someone a track to sing on over email it often lacks a sincere emotion or vibe, he opted instead to follow the path of least resistance and sit down with close, longtime friends and see what happens.

Upcoming album Phantasmagoria LP1‘s surreal sonic noir advances Linev’s masterful compositional expanse well past the structural confines of his debut, a delicately constructed dance between the warmth of reality and the cool transience of dreams. As its 11 tracks become distinct compositional movements, the staid formulas of downtempo electronica, orchestral ambience and widescreen, celestial soul & jazz are fused, dissected, and ultimately evolved with communal clarity at the fore.

RIYL: Portishead, Cinematic Orchestra, Radiohead, Bonobo, Air, Massive Attack, Mount Kimbie, Zero 7, Moses Sumney, Stereolab, Danger Mouse

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