British Columbia’s Slam Dunk released their sophomore record in 2012, called Welcome to Miami. Produced by Colin Stewart (Black MountainLadyhawkeCave Singers), the band attempts to incorporate everything they adored in a classic pop hook while invoking something more brash and chaotic. This is reflected in the band’s raucous live shows and what has led them to support such bands as Les Savy Fav,WavvesJapandroids, and F*cked Up on tour. Recently, the band played a bunch of shows at CMJ, showing NYC why they have been called “the E-Street Band on crack”. Slam Dunk effectively captures this live energy on Welcome to Miami. Starting right off with “I Can’t Stand It“, you can immediately hear it – the opening horn section and guitarist/singer Jordan Minkoff‘s scream that descends upon a 50’s style sway. The hints of doo-wop and soul nostalgia continue throughout the album, offering a southern slant unfound in other Canadian bands. “Dying Breed” follows immediately with a guitar riff you’d find on a Ponytail record, before being interrupted by Minkoff‘s shriek and explosions of drum and riff-laden intensity. Drummer Luke Postl‘s constant presence on the album leads you to album closer “Fantasy“, a track that reaffirms everything you would have heard so far. The hyperactive beat, Minkoff‘s barks, and bassist Caitlin Gallupe‘s backing melodies bring you to the end of an exciting album packed with energy and intensity.

RIYL: The Black Lips, Strange Boys, Thee Oh Sees, King Khan & BBQ Show

Recommended Tracks: track #1 “Can’t Stand It“, track #2 “Dying Breed“, track #4 “Why Can’t I Change“, track #10 “Fantasy

FCC WARNING: track #8 “Sass

Label: File Under: Music


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