What People Are Saying About Here Lies Love

Posted on Apr 2, 2010

“She had The Beatles hounded out of her country because they didn’t come to lunch at her palace. She used to dance with Andy Warhol at Studio 54. She gave a metaphysical speech to the UN about a philosophy that combines all-encompassing beauty and Pacman. She recently phoned up David Byrne and asked to sing lead vocals on his new record about her life. Imelda Marcos is pretty damned rock’n’roll.” – NME

“Despite its considerable conceptual ambition, the album finds Byrne reconnecting with his pop roots in a big way. He hasn’t made as instantly enjoyable an album since Talking Heads disbanded…You’ll have to exert some effort to piece together the story line and figure out which character is singing each song. (The liner notes help immensely). But most songs are perfectly enjoyable in their own right, anyway.” – The Star Ledger

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