Hank III Rebel Within Adding Next Week

Posted on Apr 26, 2010

We’ll be digitally servicing this album to you this week. You may have already received a physical copy in the mail. The CD does not come in a jewel case.Download a tray card here if you’d like to put it in one so that it’s easier to find it in your music library.

“[Hank Williams III‘s new album Rebel Within] rips through 11 songs that contemplate who he his, who he’s become, and the direction which life might take him.” – Culture Bully

In an era of plastic, manufactured music, it is always refreshing when someone goes against the grain and does what they want to do. Hank Williams III is the best example of this in music today. For over twelve years now Shelton Hank Williams III has been fighting the music industry to be his own man. Cast by certain people in the shadow of his legendary grandfather, Williams has fought long and hard to create his own sound and style, and to preserve the true outlaw spirit of real country music. His ever-evolving three hour live shows pay respects to both his country roots, and the punk and metal influences that he has held true to since his teens.

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