What People Are Saying About The Dead Weather’s Sea of Cowards

Posted on May 12, 2010

We hope you’re enjoying Sea of Cowards as much as we are.

Here’s what some others are saying about the album:

“At 35 minutes, it’s a blistering and compact slab of thunderous, bluesy hard rock. Born out of aggression more than invention, it’s an appropriately barbed and consistently sturdy addition to White‘s rapidly expanding canon.” -NPR

“As the album progresses, the band keeps the pummeling drive of their past work but ups the ante by throwing in some new sonic reference points. Jack White and the Dead Weather always sound like they have something up their collective sleeve. Thank God (and the Devil) they do.” -PopMatters

“It’s unhinged classic-rock explosiveness that sounds like it could be the result of a few vicious jam sessions– the rumblings of scuzz-rock lifers given a chance to air out all their purest expressions of ire. And when a chorus does emerge from the swampy ether, as on the ferocious first single “Die By the Drop“, it cuts deep.” -Pitchfork

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