Going For Adds This Week

Posted on May 24, 2010

Once again, last week was a big one for new music. We sent you the new Black Keys album, Brothers, on Tuesday and Bell Gardens‘ Hangups Need Companyon Thursday.

Check out some of the praise for these two albums:

“On Brothers, the Keys make a thick, dirty racket, overdubbed but never overstuffed. ‘Everlasting Light‘ has hive-of-bees distortion, corn-pone harmonies and an Auerbach falsetto that suggests Prince singing through a mummy’s gauze. In ‘Ten Cent Pistol,’ the pair pile on the menace — a garage quintet’s worth of guitars, organ and heavy death march — while leaving enough cold air in a mix that feels like a graveyard recital.” – Rolling Stone

“[Hangups Need Company is] gorgeous, rapturous pop balladry with candy-coated Beach Boys falsettos and pre-afro-Phil Spector production. It’s weightless with gravitas.” – LA Weekly

We are going for adds on The Black Keys and Bell Gardens this week.

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