Laurie Anderson and Rose’s Pawn Shop – Going For Adds This Week

Posted on Jun 28, 2010

Last week we sent you two very different, but equally compelling albums: Laurie Anderson‘s Homeland and Dancing on the Gallows from Rose’s Pawn Shop.

Anderson recently received a coveted 8.3 review from Pitchfork.  Reviewer Brian Howe believes “fans will welcome [Homeland] as an heir to her definitive performance piece, United States. It’s also a perfect starting point; an exquisitestate-of-the-union dispatch as only Anderson, America’s darkly comic conscience, can provide.”

Dusty Henry of KEXP gave the new Rose’s Pawn Shop album some spins, declaring “Rose’s Pawn Shop is as close to authentic bluegrass roots as you can get from an L.A. band. This is a compliment, not a bash. The banjos, slide guitar, and fiddle create that atmosphere you feel at a festival full of haystacks and Coca-Cola on a summer day.”

We are going for adds on Laurie Anderson and Rose’s Pawn Shop this week.

Laurie Anderson: FCC Clean, Rose’s Pawn Shop: FCC Warning on Track #9

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