New Music from Radiohead’s Philip Selway – “By Some Miracle”

Posted on Aug 5, 2010

The name Philip Selway may not instantly ring a bell, but you’ve definitely heard him before. For more than 20 years now, he’s been the man behind the drum kit in one of music’s biggest acts: Radiohead. However, with his debut albumFamilial, he’s stepping front and center as a singer/songwriter. The album, which features colaborations with Singer/songwriter Lisa Germano, former Soul Coughing bassist Sebastian SteinbergWilco drummer Glenn Kotche and multi-instrumentalist Patrick Sansone, is due out August 31st on Nonesuch Records.

In describing “By Some Miracle”, Philip Selway says it’s about “taking responsibility for your actions, to have choices in front of you that might have unsavory consequences, despite how strong the draw to them might be to them” giving the track a bittersweet quality.

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