Going For Adds – Artichoke – Bees

Posted on Oct 25, 2010

Bees, the latest from Los Angeles’ Artichoke, is going for adds this week!  Both Whimsical and Dark, Bees is a sonically engaging take on the lives of the buzzy little creatures, from an examination of how bee nations move, to the “inevitable innuendo song” (in the words of frontman Timothy Sellers).  “Poppy melodies and seemingly innocent lyrics about bees and scientists and your neighborhood (Highland Park in their case), but which take on a darker subtext the older and more jaded you get” writes the LA Weekly.

Bees, an independent release, is out now.

Go here to read their recent interview / feature in the LA Weekly.

FCC Warning: Track 8 – “Funny Motherf****r”

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