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Posted on Oct 25, 2010

Medium Rotation is a message board set up to be a place where fellow Campus / Community / Non-Commercial Radio staffers and industry professionals can go to discuss day-to-day things, seek advice, and brainstorm ideas for their stations and for the industry in general. It’s a place for anyone related to non-commercial radio and underground music could socialize with each other and create a network between different related companies and media outlets.

Anyone involved with college radio, music directors, station staff and industry members are welcome to join.

Please use a station or company-related e-mail to facilitate registration.

Why? Every member on the message board sees a set of hidden forums, depending on who they are: people who work at stations see a specific handful of forums, others who work as promoters see a different group and some overlap. The people working at radio stations have their own private forum where they can all get together and talk without any hesitation. Signing up with your work-related email helps us determine which forums you’ll need access to.

If you are having a problem with your registration or are having technical issues, please e-mail us at: info [at] mediumrotation [dot] com.

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