New Music from Steve Reich – Double Sextet / 2×5

Posted on Nov 10, 2010

A man A plan A canal is proud to bring you two pieces from composer Steve Reich: the Pulitzer Prize winning Double Sextet and the Classical-meets-Rock2×5! In Double Sextet, 2 sets of 6 instruments play against each other in a highly rhythmic way to produce one overall pattern. Double Sextet, which is hailed as a contemporary masterpiece, is not to be missed. 2×5 presents a classical piece done in a very modern way, with Rock instruments. Performed in this recording by Bang on a Can2×5 brings a genuine Rock edge to the genre.

Double Sextet / 2×5 is out now via Nonesuch Records

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Double Sextet / 2×5 is going for adds November 15 & 16.

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