New Music from The Belle Brigade

Posted on Apr 19, 2011

Today we’re excited to digitally service the self-titled debut album from Los Angeles’ The Belle Brigade, fronted by siblings Barbara and Ethan Gruska. “Inspired by [their] love for Fleetwood MacSimon & Garfunkel, The Beatles and Stevie Wonder, the album’s artfully arranged, freewheeling songs brim with breezy, California melodies and bracing pop harmonies, fueled by the driving rhythms Barbara plays on drums.”  The album was co-produced by the band and musician/producer Matthew Wilder. Check your mailbox for a physical copy of the record or you can download it and listen to it now!

FCC Warning: Tracks #3 (“Losers”), #6 (“Lucky Guy)

Going for ADDS April 25 & 26

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