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Posted on Jun 16, 2011

Jamm, meaning peace in Wolof, is the latest album from Cheikh Lô after a 5 years wait . . . and it was worth the wait! Listening to the album from start to finish is a vacation, allowing you to imagine all the colors and scents of the influences in this music coming from West and Central Africa with elements of funk, Cuban flare and flamenco. Jamm is rooted firmly in Lô’s own backyard, built around simple demos recorded with GarageBand software at the house of his friend and bass player Thierno Sarr. Lô’s lead and harmony vocals, acoustic guitar, and percussion have been augmented with additional electric guitar, drums, bass, sax, and Senegalese percussion from members of his regular band. This album was warmly received in the UK and Europe when it was released last year, with Uncut calling it the “African album of the year,” and the Guardian saying, “Cheikh Lô is back with an album that reconfirms his position as one of the finest, one of the most soulful singers in West Africa.” In a four-star review, Q called Jamm “true global music to make anyone feel better.”

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