Bjork “Crystalline” Going For Adds – 7/4 & 7/5

Posted on Jul 4, 2011

The chanteuse of innovation, Bjork, invites you into her new world via “Crystalline”, the first single from the upcoming album Biophilia. Biophilia a less a collection of sounds/songs as it is a 3-Dimensional world that includes individual apps with various interactive features for each of the 10 tracks, allowing you to explore her music in a whole new way. Read more about the intergalactic goodness with her Pitchfork interview, found here.

Biophilia is a bold and unprecedented expression of Bjork’s reality: a place where music can be seen as well and heard.  She is a fearless artist who encourages and challenges listeners to do their own thing, so dare your listeners to be different and spin “Crystalline”. This groundbreaking embrace of new technologies has not yet been completely attempted by modern artists on the charts, and AmApAc is proud to bring it to your station.

This release is a digital servicing only. Please let us know if you need the link to download it for your station.

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