New Film Screening Opportunity: Nirvana – Live At The Paramount

Posted on Sep 28, 2011

A man A plan A canal brings you another free and exclusive screening opportunity with Nirvana – Live at the Paramount. Fresh off the release of Nevermind, Nirvana performed on Halloween in 1991 at the Paramount Theatre in Seattle to a sold-out crowd that recognized, early on, the brilliance within a band that would eventually define an entire generation.

Nirvana – Live At The Paramount is the only concert film ever shot of the band on 16mm film and has been transferred to 1080p high definition picture & mixed in 5.1 surround sound from the original multi-tracks. Featuring a stellar nineteen-song set, the film documents Nirvana showcasing the creativity and ingenuity of the burgeoning alternative movement. The set features their now famous cover of the Vaslines’ “Jesus Don’t Want Me For A Sunbeam,” and an early performance of “Rape Me,” along with popular songs from their earlier recordings & Nevermind.

The film is available for screening now; all we need from you is when and where you want to show the film. This could be a great way to bring visibility to your station as well as interact with your staff, DJs, community, campus, and listeners.

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