Dr. John’s “Locked Down”: Going for Adds 4/9 & 4/10

Posted on Apr 9, 2012

The new album by Dr. John has many stations talking about him this week! Not only is it the first release from the influential artist on Nonesuch, but his first album produced by Black Key Dan Auerbach. The living legend takes his staple New Orleans blues sound and filters it through the sound of The Black Keys‘ reimagining of American roots musicJohn‘s unique, soulful growl is now matched with the autumn tones of Auerbach & the raw production the Keyshave always been known for. “He pushed and pulled me in some ways that made something different happen,” says Dr. John in a recent interview he did with the New York Times (which you can read here). The result is 10 R&B infused “voodoo” blues rock gems. As Pitchfork put it in their recent review, “The Black Key not only respects Dr. John‘s southern-fried eccentricities but amplifies them.”

Recommended Tracks: 2, 3, 1, 7, 6


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