New Music From Angry – Digital Servicing Only

Posted on Dec 7, 2012
New Music From Angry – Digital Servicing Only

Get Angry’s new track “The Finger” off of their album Wild Ox Shangri-La from Defiled Under Music.

Formed in 2012 in the wake of two Vancouver aggressive music juggernauts – Jakartah and Last Plague – Angry, consisting of guitarist  Richard  Fudalewski (Jakartah), drummer Kyle Ledingham (Jakartah) and vocalist Heath Fenton (Last Plague) brings forth something menacing with noise rock, post-hardcore and ‘70s fuzz rock influences. Lyrically, the band stays true to its namesake emotion. Fenton screams about the things that piss him off – which more often than not is just those things that make you angrier than they should (like getting sh*t on by a bird or being annoyed by slow pedestrians). The rage he pours into the music seems so disproportionate to the subject matter that you can’t help but wonder – is he really angry about those little things or is he just angry about being angry?

FCC Clean

Going for Adds 12/10 & 12/11

Digital Servicing Only

Label: Defiled Under Music

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