New Music from Angry

Posted on Jan 16, 2013
New Music from Angry

In December we introduced you all to the new label, Defiled Under Music, and sent you “The Finger“, a song from Angry‘s upcoming first release, Wild Ox Shangri-La. Formed in 2012 in the wake of two Vancouver aggressive music juggernauts – Jakartah and Last PlagueAngry, consisting of guitarist Richard Fudalewski (Jakartah), drummer Kyle Ledingham (Jakartah), and vocalist Heath Fenton (Last Plague), brings forth something menacing with noise rock, post-hardcore and ‘70s fuzz rock influences. Lyrically, the band stays true to its namesake emotion. Fenton screams about the things that upset him – which more often than not is just those things that make you angrier than they should (like getting sh*t on by a bird or being annoyed by slow pedestrians). The rage he pours into the music becomes so intense, that even when swearing, Fenton‘s rage overcomes the listener’s ability to decipher the lyrics – as is the case on the recommended tracks below.

When it’s not a torrent of distortion, Fudalewski’s groovy but heavy guitar playing sounds like Fugazi’s Guy Piccioto and Ian MacKaye. Angry brings the irreverent and dangerous feeling Minor Threat brought to their live shows by embracing the potential for utter chaos, with Fenton taking on an attitude that has been compared to Jesus Lizard’s David Yow. The loud guitar, drums, and vocals of “Bad Day” is a great sonic example of their new album, Wild Ox Shangri-La. Ledingham’s drumming is punishing — going from pounding tom fills, machine gun snare rolls, to odd timed-signature patterns. This is most apparent on “Colony of Murder” where Ledingham immediately tears into a short but rampant drum fill. The song then quickly moves to a stomping rhythm with guitar chugs and heavy, dark breakdowns that would rival Fucked Up. “The Finger” takes on more of a hard rock intensity that swells into tribal drumming and layers of distorted guitar. “Humanical” is as menacing as any song on the album. For a moment we shift between movements, all equally mesmerizing – jazz rock breakdowns to noise rock crescendos to rapidly beaten fills which all drop out so we can regroup, with the feedback of Fudalewski washing into serene, atmospheric tones.

RIYL: Fucked Up, Fugazi, Hatebreed, Helmet

Recommended Tracks: track #3 “Colony of Murder“, track #7 “The Finger“, track #8 “Humanical

Going for Adds 1/21 & 1/22

FCC Warning: track 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 [all EXCEPT track #7 “The Finger]

Label: Defiled Under Music

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