Sam Amidon Going for Adds

Posted on Apr 29, 2013
Sam Amidon Going for Adds

Nonesuch Records releases Sam Amidon’s label debut, Bright Sunny South, this spring. Amidon describes Bright Sunny South as a “a lonesome record” and a return to the more spare sound of his 2007 self-recorded debut, But This Chicken Proved Falsehearted: “There was an atmospheric quality to my last two records; those albums are like a garden of sounds,” says Amidon, “but this one is more of a journey, a winding path. The band comes rushing in and then they disappear. It comes from more of a darker, internal space.” The Vermont-born and raised, London-based Amidon is known for his reworking of traditional melodies into a new form. The single, “My Old Friend”, is a nod to Amidon‘s American roots with “sun-warmed…acoustic guitar, capo’d high to give it a twinkling quality, edged by small cirrus clouds of electric lead”. Pitchfork premiered the track in February; download it below along with two additional songs off his forthcoming record.

RIYL: Bill Callahan, Will Oldham, Nico Muhly, Neutral Milk Hotel


Going for Adds 4/29 & 4/30

Label: Nonesuch

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