Anchoress Going for Adds

Posted on May 13, 2013
Anchoress Going for Adds

Anchoress is a four piece hardcore punk band hailing from Vancouver, BC whose sharp wit only cuts deeper when grouped with their frenetic sonic attack. They’ve shared the stage with the likes of Trash Talk and Guttermouth and their sound takes from 80’s hardcore, old school punk, and powerviolence – making for a collection of furious explosions, relentless intensity, and choral screams many now associate with F*cked Up. Their new album, Set Sail, immediately grabs you by the collar and drags into the circle of their assault without your discretion. Album opener “Murder In the Sky Over Burnaby” begins with a thunderous eruption of distorted guitar and booming drums. Vocalist Rob Hoover strains his vocals with guttural screams of “Murder…”, setting the tone for the twenty-two minutes of flurry that is to follow. “Coral Bones” has references to the post-hardcore of the past twenty-five years & “Foul Bay” starts abrasively then breaks down to Hoover at the end of his rope encouraging, “When I’m gone, then you must be brave” before we’re hit once more w/ waves of distortion. On the penultimate song of the album, “Brooks Was Here”, the group pulls back the intensity a notch and drives through a chugging bridge to provide one of the album’s standout tracks. Set Sail is being serviced in the middle of a North American tour where they’re bringing their unhinged live show to the states.

RIYL: Ceremony, F*cked Up, Trash Talk, Japandroids

Recommended Tracks: Track #10 “Brooks Was Here”, track #3Coral Bones”, track #7 “Apocalunatics”, track #“Foul Bay” 

Going for Adds 5/13 & 5/14

FCC WARNING: Track #2 “Cadillac”, track #4 “She-Devil”, track #6 “Curses”, track #8 “All Sweaty Dudes Stay True”, track #11 “Grease Fire”

FCC CAUTION: Track #10 “Brooks Was Here” (Says G*dd*mn) Going for Adds 5/13 & 5/14


Label: Defiled Under Music

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