The Pastels – New Peak at CMJ – AllMusic Album Review – The Clash Interview

Posted on Jun 20, 2013

After more than a decade of silence, The Pastels finally return with Slow Summits. In an interview with Clash Magazine, Stephen McRobbie talks about how the temporary loss of band member Annabel Wright, opening a record store in Glasgow, and crafting the soundtrack for The Last Great Wilderness delayed the new record, while giving The Pastels the luxury to work at their own pace. Read the full interview here. This extra time may be the reason AllMusic describes Slow Summits as “an unhurried, understated masterpiece that should make fans of the band, and of music in general, glad that the Pastels have not only stuck with it for so long, but grown into the kind of group that could release something this warm and beautiful.” Read the 4.5-star review here. The record went up to #22 at CMJ this week, keep support high and help it break the top 20 this week!

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