Music From The Microphones – “Mount Eerie” – Digital Servicing Only

Posted on Jun 21, 2013
Music From The Microphones – “Mount Eerie” – Digital Servicing Only

Named after a lone mountain in Phil Elverum‘s hometown of Fidalgo Island, Washington and released in 2003 by K, Mount Eerie is a story of death, the universe, and all of the questions that come with it. Told through 5 parts, each track is another part of Mount Eerie‘s linear narrative about Elverum‘s journey of revelation. The Microphones recruited many of their friends at K to give voice to Mount Eerie‘s cast of characters: Kyle Field plays Death, K founder Calvin Johnson is The Universe, and others, such as Karl Blau, Anna Oxygen, and Adam Forkner, make appearances as well. Two years after the release of their critically acclaimed album, The Glow Pt. 2, The Microphones‘ last studio album, Mount Eerie, picks up where the last album left off. The opening track starts off with the pulsating heartbeats that ended the previous album and evolves into an ominous mixture of complicated rhythm, distortion, horns, and Elverum‘s anguished voice. The album continues on to share a dark and hazy lo-fi soundtrack to The Microphones‘ voyage though nature and self-reflection. Most impressive though, are the beautiful lyrics coupled with Mount Eerie‘s dark sound. Describing the arrival of his own death in the climactic title track, Elverum croons “Soon a big black cloud will come/ And press you to the ground/ The air will leave your chest/ And you’ll fade from where you’re found.” Poeticism like this carries the listener through The Microphones’ journey, “and though it may be cryptic– even overwhelming at times– it remains warm and open, thanks to the stunning intimacy that has consistently been the group’s hallmark.” Pitchfork gave this album an 8.9, read their review here. It also received 4.5 and 5 star reviews from Sputnik Music and Tiny Mix Tapes. This is the 5th and final of The Microphones albums reissued by P.W. Elverum & Sun. Mount Eerie will be reissued on vinyl on August 20th and will contain lyric posters and supplementary art.  Learn more about the release here.

RIYL: Mirah, Old Time Relijun, My Bloody Valentine, The Blow

Recommended Tracks: Track #3 “III. Universe”, track #5 “V. Universe”, track #2 “II. Solar System”


Going for Adds 6/24 & 6/25

Label: P.W. Elverum & Sun

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