Boreal Sons – Going For Adds

Posted on Sep 30, 2013
Boreal Sons – Going For Adds

Boreal Sons’ self-released second studio album Threadbare is going for adds this week. Prior to Threadbare, the band had released one studio album in 2010 Whom Thunder Hath Made Greater, and a concept EP in 2011 that was based on the sleeping habits of bassist’s Reagan Cole McLean‘s dog titled Bedtime Briar. Produced under the guidance of Jonathan Anderson, Threadbare is an effort that is lyrically and rhythmically polished and whole. Where earlier releases told stories and offered complex narratives meant to excite the imagination, Threadbare’s lyrics look inward, desperately searching for respite from the overwhelming pressures that come with adulthood. “Sparks” delicately balances the softness of Evan Acheson’s (vocals/piano) voice and piano, Logan Gabert‘s (guitar) smooth guitar, and a steady rhythm section to create a sound that is at times overwhelming in its grandeur, and captivating in its intimacy; a theme consistent throughout the album.

RIYL: Andrew Bird, Death Cab for Cutie, Bon Iver, American Analog Set

Recommended Tracks: Track #2 “Sparks”, track #6 “Sawdust”, track #7 “Ingrid”, track #8 “Coward”, track #11 “We Were Hiding”

Going for Adds: 9/30 & 10/01



Label: Self-Released

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