John Vanderslice – Going for Adds

Posted on Oct 7, 2013
John Vanderslice – Going for Adds

John Vanderslice‘s Vanderslice Plays Diamond Dogs is going for adds this week. The album is a cover of David Bowie’s 1974 album Diamond Dogs. The album was exclusively made available to John‘s Kickstarter contributors earlier this year and now he’s sharing it with college/non-commercial radio as he preps for a cross country tour slated to begin in Seattle on 10/18. Here are some words from John about the project:

“Covering Diamond Dogs was instructive and inspiring. We made it in five days, top to bottom, with the same band as Dagger Beach: Jason Slota on drums, Jamie Riotto on bass, and Rob Shelton on keyboards. Ian Pellicci recorded both. It’s probably the most out, weird, and chaotic thing I’ve done. And I’ve NEVER played so much guitar on an album (that was a blast for me). Having a template to work with (and then disregard if we needed to) provided an enormous amount of freedom. Avi and John from Avi Buffalo (who were recording in the A room during the tracking) guest star on it. I think the record is pretty fantastic.”

Going for Adds 10/7 & 10/8

FCC Warning: Track #6 “Be Elusive, But Don’t Walk Far”

Digital Servicing Only

Label: Tiny Telephone

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