Cass McCombs: At AAA Radio – Going for Adds This Week

Posted on Oct 21, 2013
Cass McCombs: At AAA Radio – Going for Adds This Week

The new double-CD release from Cass McCombs, Big Wheel And Others, is going for Triple A Adds this week. After a decade in music, Big Wheel and Others is his most encompassing work to date. You could label Cass McCombs‘ twenty-two song compilation a double album, but the word “album” implies that there is a singular concept or sound that goes along with it. A “bundle” of songs is better suited to describe Big Wheel and Others. Drowned in Sound describes it as, “…a record for an uninterrupted Sunday morning spent reflecting in bed.” NPR has described this album as the, “…latest collection of metaphysical mumbo-jumbo, and almost definitely his best…”. As we mentioned last week, NPR was streaming the full album and you can read the feature here.

Recommended Tracks:

“Big Wheel” (Disc 1, Track 1)

“There Can Be Only One” (Disc 1, Track 6)

“Brighter! (Feat. Karen Black)” (Disc 2, Track 6)

“Name Written in Water” (Disc 1, Track 7)

“Untitled Spain Song” (Disc 2, Track 7)

“Brighter!” (Disc 1, Track 5)

FCC Warning: “Morning Star” (Disc 1, Track 3)

Label: Domino

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