Cass McCombs: At Triple A Radio – Praise for Big Wheel and Others

Posted on Oct 28, 2013
Cass McCombs: At Triple A Radio – Praise for Big Wheel and Others

Are you spinning Cass McCombs? Look what people are saying about Big Wheel and Others:

“the masterpiece that his cult of fans have been swearing he’d make one of these days.” – NPR MUSIC [FIRST LISTEN STREAM and ALL SONGS CONSIDERED]

“the absolute must-hear” – SPIN

“someday winner of a lifetime achievement award…” – THE FADER

“Spanning 22 tracks and the great sprawl of a nation… documenting something so damned beautifully alive–so restless and sensual and swinging and true–the album accrues power by virtue of its breadth” – PASTE MAGAZINE [9.2/10]

“his vast new songbook… proves his fluency in folk, country and blues” – WASHINGTON POST

“a gorgeous travelogue steeped in dusty Americana and filled with ten kinds of characters they don’t write about anymore” – ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY [Must List]

“lyrical and mesmerizing tracks” – TIME

“his best work to date” – VILLAGE VOICE

“If you are willing to absorb Big Wheel – not a casual task, even in two or three sessions – you might find it’s his most rewarding, and his most representative, album yet. “There Can Only Be One” is this record’s obligatory charmer, so fragile that one weak line would’ve ruined it.“ – CONSEQUENCE OF SOUND [3.5/5]

“one of our favorite artists…” – FILTER

“a confident double-length album that shows his growth over seven albums into one of the foremost singer/songwriters of our generation.” AMOEBA RECORDS [LOS ANGELES]

“his masterpiece… an adventurous, playful album”. – Q [5/5]

“his most immersive and stirring to date”. – DROWNED IN SOUND

Recommended Tracks:

“Big Wheel” (Disc 1, Track 1)

“There Can Be Only One” (Disc 1, Track 6)

“Brighter! (Feat. Karen Black)” (Disc 2, Track 6)

“Name Written in Water” (Disc 1, Track 7)

“Untitled Spain Song” (Disc 2, Track 7)

“Brighter!” (Disc 1, Track 5)

FCC Warning: “Morning Star” Disc 1, Track 3 & the interlude on Disc 2 – Track 9

Label: Domino

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