Buxton – New Peak at CMJ – FCC WARNING Track #3 & Track #11

Posted on Feb 18, 2015
Buxton – New Peak at CMJ – FCC WARNING Track #3 & Track #11

Five-piece Buxton’s third studio album, Half A Native, charted this week at #72 at CMJ Radio 200! Known locally for their rustic sound, Buxton’s music thrives as an innovative blues-psych-rock counteraction to a largely hip-hop and country dominated Texas music scene. Half A Native is a record of progress, with added elements of jangly-psych, honky-tonk, ambience and distortion; making it Buxton’s most realized album to date. The record was produced by Thom Monahan who is responsible for college radio favorites from Devendra Banhart, Beachwood Sparks, and Vetiver.

The record is looking for a new peak at Radio 200, but before you give it a push, we wanted to note a couple songs that are FCC sensitive. Please make your DJs aware of these songs:

Track #3 CAUTION: “F*ck” at 2:00 

Track #11 WARNING: “Sh*t” at 1:48

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