Kate Pierson “Bottoms Up” Stereogum Premiere

Posted on Feb 18, 2015
Kate Pierson “Bottoms Up” Stereogum Premiere

Stereogum premiered the track “Bottoms Up” from Kate Pierson’s (The B-52s) new album, Guitars and Microphones!  The record is Pierson’s first solo album, and works to marry party rock, psychedelia with socio-political punk. Stereogum calls the song, “A short but sweet injection of cinnamon sweet rock with a muscular riff courtesy of Strokes guitarist Nick Valensi. Valensi co-wrote the song with Pierson and Sia.” Revered for her anthemic pop chops, Pierson’s songs are rife with girl group wit & drama – rejecting preconceived ideas and stereotypes at every turn.

Read the whole article and listen to “Bottoms Up” here!

Guitars and Microphones was made a top Add by stations like KAOS, KGLT, WBJB, and WCBN. Get it started at your station today.

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