Coming Soon: New Album by Kuroma

Posted on Mar 26, 2015
Coming Soon: New Album by Kuroma

Psych-tinged power pop band Kuroma has just released their latest single”20+Centuries”. The song is a speedy jangle pop tune with a catchy hook and a danceable groove. You can preview it on Brooklyn Vegan here. It’s the first whiff of the band’s new LP, Kuromarama, which is going for Adds 4/7. Kuroma came into being when Hank Sullivant of The Whigs and MGMT embarked on a solo project and formed a band to realize the songs he had crafted. Now on their third full-length release, Kuroma has honed its jumpy technicolored revelry into excellent bursts of dance rock.

Be on the look out for your copy of Kuromarama next week.

Going for Adds 4/7

Label: Votiv

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