New Music from Kuroma

Posted on Apr 2, 2015
New Music from Kuroma

Psych-tinged power pop band Kuroma are releasing their latest LP,Kuromarama, on Tuesday. Kuroma came into being when Hank Sullivant formerly of The Whigs and MGMT embarked on a solo project and formed a band to realize the songs he had crafted. Now on their third full-length release, Kuroma has honed its jumpy technicolored revelry into excellent bursts of dance rock. Recorded between the band’s hometowns of Brooklyn, NY and Athens, GA, the sound of Kuromarama most closely resembles that of an artisanal prescription spectrum of liquefied jolly rancher, each flavor – each color- imbued with a solace wrung from the depths of a salty ocean trench. You swim in this record. Single “20+Centuries” is a speedy jangle pop tune with a catchy hook and a danceable groove. Psych pop? More like psychopomp.

“An explosion of experiments… the enegy is addictively captivating.”
A.V. Club

Kuroma‘s latest…takes us back to the days of heavily saturated cartoons and cassette stores, topped with a beachy, California feel-good vibe.”

RIYL: MGMT, The Whigs, Broncho, Foxygen, Tame Impala, King Tuff

Recommended Tracks: Track #1 “20+ Centuries”, track #6 “Simon’s In the Jungle”, track #3 “Love Is On the Way”

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Label: Votiv

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