CHAPPO Premieres “Hang On” Video on NPR, Chats with reddit

Posted on Jun 10, 2015
CHAPPO Premieres “Hang On” Video on NPR, Chats with reddit

Thanks to all the stations who have added CHAPPO’s Future Former Self into rotation. Thanks to your support, the album spent five weeks in the Top 100 of the CMJ Radio 200.

On Monday, the band released a new video for the song “Hang On,” which was premiered by NPR. “Hang On” stars CHAPPO’s singer, Alex Chappo, as a stranded space traveler making his way through New York City during the last hours of his life. Chappo says, “Stranded and mystified, [the astronaut] feels the magnitude of loneliness and awe as searches for a place to expire.” Yet according to Bob Boilen, who wrote about the video for All Songs TV, “The music is swirly and poppy – far more upbeat than the storyline – but that out-of-sync-ness somehow fits.” Watch the whole thing below, and read Boilen’s review, here.

CHAPPO recently participated in an AMA on reddit, telling redditors across the planet to ask “anything at all!” Check out the transcript here to find answers to questions that are both silly and serious, from the band’s favorite ice cream flavors, influences, and thoughts on dealing with educational disparity in the United States.

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