Idolator and Buzzbands Love the Bird and the Bee

Posted on Jun 15, 2015
Idolator and Buzzbands Love the Bird and the Bee

The Internet lit up this morning with the release of Beck‘s new single “Dreams,” an up-tempo and funky departure from Morning Phase. The song was co-written and co-produced by Greg Kurstin, one half of LA’s the Bird and the Bee, and sounds excellent when spun back-to-back with their new single “Will You Dance?”

That song is a warm-up for the Bird and the Bee‘s new record, Recreational Love. The duo was busy during the long gap between 2010’s Interpreting the Masters and this LP: singer Inara George, as a member of folk group Living Sisters, and Kurstin, as a Grammy-nominated producer responsible for hits including Sia’s “Chandelier.” In a review available hereIdolator says fans will be happy with the new song.

Kevin Bronson of Buzzbands has heard the whole album and writes, “George has never sounded stronger vocally” than on Recreational Love, which features “songs [that] fly to unexpected places.” Read all of what he has to say here.

Help get listeners ready for Recreational Love by adding “Will You Dance?” to your rotation.

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