Thrdcoast and Radio Milwaukee Praise Alpine’s Yuck

Posted on Aug 13, 2015
Thrdcoast and Radio Milwaukee Praise Alpine’s Yuck

“You can’t help but dance along,” Thrdcoast‘s Will Shenton writes about “Foolish,” the first single from Alpine‘s Yuck, in his review of the album. The album, he says, “ranges from quietly introspective to triumphantly cinematic… Just because Alpine are catchy doesn’t mean they’re shallow.” Shenton gives listeners a thorough preview, getting behind the band’s mature take on music for dancing. Read it, and stream “Foolish,” here.

Radio Milwaukee‘s Andrew Jensen also likes Yuck, writing in a recent feature that the album “delightfully” proves his opinions wrong about music focused on topics of love and relationships. Read his blurb, part of an article about multiple new albums that also includes a nod to our friends the Bird and the Bee, here.

Alpine comes to the US for a tour next month, so get ready!

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