Culture Collide Loves Lithuania, Spin Premieres “Pieces”

Posted on Oct 28, 2015
Culture Collide Loves Lithuania, Spin Premieres “Pieces”

Culture Collide has high praise for Hardcore Friends, the debut LP from Philadelphia’s Lithuania. The site gives the record a score of 88 out of 100, opening its review by describing the band’s songs as “wildly catchy and surprisingly earnest punk jams.” It continues, “Hardcore Friends is both a ripping, punk-infused record, and an ode to legitimate friends and companionship in general.” Read the whole thing here.

Spin premiered the video for standout track “Pieces” earlier this year, writing that the song is “bursting with melody and ’90s-era rock/pop sheen… It’d give you Buzz Bin acid flashbacks even if it didn’t have a lo-fi skater lyric video to accompany it.” Watch it here or below.

Thanks to stations like KRCX, KRSC, KUMD, WVUD, WLFR, and WITR for giving Lithuania a top 5 Add to CMJ! Help get them started at your station this week!


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