Glint Goes For Adds with the “Extrovert” EP

Posted on Nov 2, 2015
Glint Goes For Adds with the “Extrovert” EP

This summer, we serviced Glint‘s Introvert – a moody, expansive EP that recalled Minus the Bear and Warpaint. Now, Glint releases their second EP of 2015: Extrovert. Leader Jase Blankfort recorded the EPs in the empty warehouses of Nyack, New York, allowing the immense spaces to shape the sound. Though “studios can sometimes have a sterile environment with formulaic expectations,” Blankfort explains, “these abandoned warehouses in which we’ve assembled the Glint playground have allowed a vast unrestricted protected space… You can hear the buildings in the record.” In these spaces, Blankfort obsessed over the details of music that mixes electronic beats with Britpop guitars, vintage synths, sequencers, shakers, laptop blips, and torch ballad choruses. Drummer Anders Fleming and bassist Chris Boecker joined Glint during the recording sessions, turning a solo project into a trio.

Musically, the EP introduces a different side of the band than the one heard on Introvert. Extrovert opens with “Guided,” a track subtly colored with sparse, bright xylophone and featuring a chorus built around a streaking, optimistic guitar. “All Is Well,” the most driving Glint song to date, starts with a pulsing kick drum and propels into the song’s soaring chorus. The pensive, brooding closing track “The Truth Lies In Us” is most similar in tone to Introvert and is garnished with bleeping effects, stomping drums, and leering, foreboding guitar work.

Both Introvert and Extrovert have been released in advance of the band’s impending 2016 full-length, Inverter.

“[Glint] yearns and careens like a song on the outskirts of something. It’s an emotional, sweeping track that builds from quietly, acoustic moments into huge choruses that burst with fear, longing, and impatience.”
– Stereogum

RIYL: TV on the Radio, Warpaint, Atoms for Peace, Explosions in the Sky, Minus the Bear, Local Natives, Autolux, The Raveonettes

Recommended Tracks: All

FCC Clean

Label: Votiv


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