PopMatter and Echoes and Dust Stream Ghost Against Ghost

Posted on Nov 11, 2015
PopMatter and Echoes and Dust Stream Ghost Against Ghost

PopMatters recently premiered a “preview edit” of “still love,” the new, sprawling, and operatic 17-minute postrock composition from Ghost Against Ghost that features Mercury Rev guitarist Anthony Molina and former Mars Volta drummer Thomas Pridgen. According to the site, “the band combine elements of Pink Floyd, Anathema, and Vangelis, making for a sound that’s both vintage and modern at the same time.” Listen here.

For the full experience, head over to Echoes and Dust for a stream of the complete EP. According to the site, the EP “weaves themes of love, heartbreak, and betrayal into a powerful combination of monolithic, synth driven post-rock… with dramatic climaxes.” Check it out here.

For those unable to add a seventeen minute song, bandleader Christopher Bono has included multiple edits on the CD and digital servicing versions of the EP. Find the one that fits your format best and get it started at your station today!


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