Music for Lunch shares Kuroma’s “Twenty Centuries in Time”

Posted on Jan 11, 2016
Music for Lunch shares Kuroma’s “Twenty Centuries in Time”

The brainchild of Hank Sullivant, a veteran of both the Whigs and MGMT, Kuroma is a psychedelic rock band with a knack for crafting wicked melodies. One of its great melodies is present on “20+ Centures,” a highlight from their album Kuromarama that was released earlier this year. That track is the lead song and title track on a new EP from the band, which also includes a spaced-out recreation called “Twenty Centures in Time” that stretches out the original and gives it a tripped-out, acid-soaked feel with strange vocal effects and ethereal sounds.

Music for Lunch has both of the tracks, and says that the band succeeds by “retaining the whimsical, catchy and creative sound we have grown to love about MGMT but dressing it with a new name and some new sounds.” Check out the feature here.

Kuroma‘s 20+ Centuries EP has been on the CMJ Radio 200 for six weeks in a row. Give it some play and help keep it there!

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