PopMatters Reviews Fruit Bats’ Absolute Loser

Posted on Jul 21, 2016
PopMatters Reviews Fruit Bats’ Absolute Loser

The newest Fruit Bats album, Absolute Loser, received a terrific review from Matthew Fiander of PopMatters. In his review, Flander offers praise to the album along with its impact on Fruit Bats’ legacy. He notes, “Fruit Bats add to their already impressive collection of memorable, even timeless, pop songs. The best stuff on Absolute Loser provides a welcome return of an underrated American band.”

He also provides his impressions of the emotions Fruit Bats’ frontman Eric Johnson conveys through the record. “The album seems to place Johnson within in-between spaces—between what was and what will be—and then vacillates in that moment between hope and worry,” says Flander.

Check the review out here!

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