New Music From Kuroma

Posted on Jul 27, 2016
New Music From Kuroma

Kuroma, the Georgia-based affiliates of MGMT and The Whigs whose 2015 album Kuromarama charmed listeners with its candy-coated psychedelic sound, is returning this fall with The Dark Horse Rides Again. The band, which has toured with Tame Impala, Jarvis Cocker, The Walkmen, and more, has been growing upwardly since its 2007 full-length debut Paris, and the new LP reveals both a new side to the band as well as a deeper, more introspective look into mastermind Hank Sullivant‘s spiritual history and psyche. It’s the kind of art that can only come from deeply personal examination and reflection, and the trust in community and self to portray the resulting emotions with honesty, courage, and no small amount of groove.

Dark Horse‘s opening song, “A Day With No Disaster,” launches the album’s full-on assault with a blast of shoegaze and a gorgeous, out-front melody. Written on just an acoustic guitar without any ornamentation and brought to life in Sullivant’s new home studio, the song was heavily influenced by a specific track on the latest My Bloody Valentine album. “Normally [people] talk about their distorted textures, but I think what makes My Bloody Valentine phenomenal is the beauty of their progressions and melodies,” he says. “In the course of part of a verse melody you’ll feel a rise in emotion and then Kevin Shields will just crush you and bring you down. I think the song ‘Only Tomorrow’ is one of their best pieces of music… ‘A Day with No Disaster’ is influenced by that.”

“[Kuroma’s] breezy and jubilant sound can clear cloudy skies and break blossoms through the permafrost.” -Nerdist

“The band’s shimmering psych-pop sound infuses heaps of positive energy, earworm hooks, and sugary melodies, creating a highly addictive cosmic burst of indie rock splendor.” -New Noise

RIYL: MGMT, Foxygen, Tame Impala, My Bloody Valentine, The Flaming Lips, Temples, The Whigs, The Growlers

Label: Votiv

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