Meet Emmylou Harris, the Subject of Fantastic Tribute Compilation To Emmylou

Posted on Aug 1, 2016
Meet Emmylou Harris, the Subject of Fantastic Tribute Compilation To Emmylou

We recently serviced To Emmylou, an 11-track compilation of Emmylou Harris cover songs created by a diverse collection of 10 different Los Angeles-based underground artists. Harris, who has won 13 Grammy Awards and collaborated with everyone from Dolly Parton and Neil Young to Bright Eyes, is a musical legend whose impact cannot be overstated.

Born in Alabama in 1947, Harris first gained national attention for the hauntingly gorgeous harmonies she provided for Gram Parsons‘ seminal albums GP and Grievous Angel, two LPs that reshaped country music and inspired generations of artists including Wilco and Sturgill Simpson. After Parsons’ death in 1973, she formed her own band and recorded a string of albums that earned accolades for depth and breadth in a genre that had previously been more focused on hit singles. Over the ensuing decades, she enlivened Bob Dylan‘s Desire sessions, scored a pop hit with Roy Orbison, found critical acclaim after experimenting in the studio with Daniel Lanois, headlined Lilith Fair, sang on Ryan Adams‘ debut album Heartbreaker, and became a regular on NPR‘s Prairie Home Companion.

Harris is perhaps best known for her interpretations of the songs of others, which is why it’s so appropriate that musicians as diverse as The Silver Lake Chorus and Little Red Lung have lovingly reinterpreted her own songs on the To Emmylou compilation. Drawing from her entire career as a songwriter, To Emmylou is as eclectic and accomplished as Emmylou Harris’ career. Do your audience a favor and add it to your rotation now!

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