Louder Than War Loves The Dream Syndicate’s New LP

Posted on Oct 18, 2017
Louder Than War Loves The Dream Syndicate’s New LP

Louder Than War loves the Dream Syndicate‘s How Did I Find Myself Here?, dubbing the band’s first LP in 30 years “essential” and saying the reinvigorated group has released the “best work of their career.” Gushes the site, “This is a stunning album… a rockin’, transcendental album. An album where every song is different to the last yet has a cohesion which means you have to listen to the whole thing in one sitting. It goes from sounding like prime Michael Stipe, to Crazy Horse playing Krautrock, to star-gazing dream-pop, to Doors-y bluesy roadkill rock’n’roll… to poetry’n’drone and back again. The Dream Syndicate sound like a brand new band who can’t quite believe how good they are… Their early material is a lifetime away, and I’m sure it was good, but there’s just no need to look back.”

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Listen to How Did I Find Myself Here? on Spotify or Apple Music below.

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