Dude York Goes For Adds

Posted on Nov 20, 2017
Dude York Goes For Adds

Dude York’s 2017 has been one for the history books. The trio of Peter Richards (guitar, vocals), Claire England (bass, vocals) and Andrew Hall (drums, vocals) crashed out of the gates with Sincerely, a finely crafted set of punky power pop that perfectly balanced brattiness with introspection while bleeding anthemic riffs and hooks. That record took them to the Top 5 at both NACC and Alternative Specialty Radio, demonstrating their broad appeal and packing their setlists on an epic tour around the US. And now they’re returning to pop some chestnuts right on your fire and tackle their most poignant theme yet: the most wonderful time of the year. The band’s new Halftime for the Holidays is a holiday record for how the holidays actually feel, soaring with pop-punk energy and melodicism while testifying to the wintertime loneliness that can spring up without warning. It’s a record that manages to wrap the strangeness of sleeping in your childhood twin bed and the soft wonder of waking up to snow into one delightful white elephant present you won’t re-gift.

On “Break Up Holiday,” the album’s opener, England cheekily and cheerily chronicles the bittersweet bite of a dumping amidst mistletoe and merriment. Tracks like “Taking Care of Christmas” and “Jingle Bells Rock” deliver the requisite holiday cheer, while “Greatest Gift To You” and “My Favorite Part (Of This Time of Year” soar like the greatest pop-punk love songs, and album closer “Silent Night” turns traditionalism on its head in a snarling rendition that won’t put anyone to sleep in heavenly peace. The whole thing was produced by the band’s friend Eric Randall of Tacocat

Brutally catchy and intensely relatable. The Seattle band apply their goofy charisma and tight songwriting chops to the experience of the holiday season, warts and all. -Stereogum

Halftime for the Holidays defies any knee-jerk categorization as a mere year-end cash-grab. As evidenced by spunky original ‘Break Up Holiday,’ Dude York still have a lot on their minds. Plus, they really like the holidays.” -The Label NZ

“The perfect album for very, very long sleigh rides.” -Kris Kringle

RIYL: Holiday Music, Joyce Manor, Hop Along, Chastity Belt, LVL UP, Tacocat, Lisa Prank, Surf Curse, Naked Giants

Recommended Tracks: Track 1, “Break Up Holiday,” Track 4, “My Favorite Part (of This Time of Year),” Track 2, “Hollywood Holiday”

FCC Clean

Label: Hardly Art

Going For Adds 11/20 & 11/21

Give lead single “Break Up Holiday” a listen on Apple Music or Spotify below.

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