UPROXX Interviews Mickey Hart

Posted on Dec 11, 2017
UPROXX Interviews Mickey Hart

Mickey Hart, who has been in the Grateful Dead for five decades and has won several Grammys for his solo percussive work, says his new album RAMU might be “the best record” he’s made. This is according to an interview with UPROXX, which talked to the prolific musician about the album’s creation as well as his working relationship with the Grateful Dead and the experience of watching a recent Dead documentary. Hart also described the process behind RAMU, saying, “I’m a forager, I like to discover things. I’ll go in there and I’ll mess around until I’ve found something that really means something to me, and that will be the beginning. Then somebody else will add something else to it. People were in different parts of the country — some of it was done long distance, some of the sessions were done in three cities, simultaneously.”

Read the interview here.

The album, which features guest spots from Avey Tare (of Animal Collective) and Tank of Tank and the Bangas, is currently at radio now!

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